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Eitan Kassel Yanich, Attorney at Law

I have been specializing in Social Security and SSI disability appeals in Olympia for the past twenty-eight years. Prior to setting up my own law firm, I worked for nine years at South Sound Advocates for the Disabled, for one year in my own practice, and for nine years in another law firm. I have a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Michigan, and a Juris Doctor degree from the University of Pennsylvania Law School.


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Olympia disability lawyers will fight for the Social Security or SSI benefits that you deserve

If your physical or mental health makes working difficult or impossible, you may be entitled to Social Security disability or SSI benefits. Qualifying for benefits, however, is often an uphill battle. You must convince the Social Security decision makers that you meet Social Security’s unique definition of disability.

The Social Security Administration is a huge government bureaucracy with many rules, regulations, and definitions. It’s no surprise that most claimants feel confused, frustrated, and alone as they attempt to obtain their benefits.

Many disability claims are incorrectly denied at first, but later are approved after a hearing. That’s why it is vitally important to appeal if your claim has been denied. Your best chance of success is at a hearing before an administrative law judge.

Having an experienced attorney on your side greatly increases the odds that your appeal will be successful. An attorney can correct many of the problems that caused your claim to be denied in the first place. For example, one common reason for erroneous denials at the initial level is lack of medical evidence. An attorney can figure out what additional medical evidence you need to prove your disability and can help you get it.

Another reason is that the initial decision makers never hear from the claimant or witnesses in person. They rely solely on written evidence. At your hearing, you will have an opportunity to speak to the judge face-to-face and to present witnesses. A disability attorney can prepare you and your witnesses to give effective testimony and can ask questions that will help the judge to understand just how disabling your condition truly is.

Sometimes claims are incorrectly denied because the initial decision makers applied Social Security’s rules and regulations incorrectly. In that case, a disability attorney can explain to the judge in oral or written arguments how the rules ought to be applied to your case.

To learn more about the issues you will face in obtaining Social Security disability or SSI benefits, we invite you to browse our website. Our website contains helpful information covering your initial application, the appeals process, and what to do at your hearing. There are also pages discussing what evidence you will need to be found disabled, and how best to present that evidence in a way that will enable the Social Security Administration to award you benefits.

Experienced Olympia disability attorneys offer help with your claim

At the Law Office of Eitan Kassel Yanich, PLLC, we understand the hardship that a serious medical condition can cause. As your disability lawyers, we will represent you with compassion and experience. If you would like a free evaluation of your case, please describe your claim using the form on this page, and we will respond promptly. Or call or email us, if you prefer.

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